Welcome to my site!

This site is dedicated to my professional interests. It includes a different approach to biomedical research regarding drugs and vaccines. The first Conference took place in Wroclaw on June 12th, 2018, and was an example of computational drug design used every day in my work. Due to this interest, dedicated service was created to help others in academia doing work related to drug design. In a broader sense, it is the gene-to-drug strategy as applied to bacterial, and not only, pathogens. The service is outlined in the PowerPoint presentation of computational tools for scientists. As it is based mostly on software with limitations for academic work, the service is available to scientists on 2 conditions:

  1. The work using provided service is to be published in a peer-reviewed journal within 1 year after receiving services. My name should be in the authors’ list together with provided references.
  2. The work cannot be used for commercial purposes. It means you cannot ask for service or use it as a part of a paid contract to deliver services to a commercial entity.

Typical projects

The most common projects are:

  1. Building homology models of proteins and potential complexes with other proteins.
  2. HTVS searching for small molecule compounds blocking specific part of biological activity.
  3. Systems biology analysis to identify potential drug and vaccine candidates.

Advanced drug design and lead optimization is done as a collaboration (grant). Commercial setup is possible using the same approach but it requires a separate software and a dedicated server.

Please let me know if you are interested by using the Projects’ page Contact box. Provide as much information as you are willing to and do not give out confidential data.

Reproduction of information from this site, except when specifically permitted by the administrator, requires a written permission. Unauthorized reproduction of material from this site is criminal and will be prosecuted under the Polish law.

Computational Laboratory

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