Computer-Aided Drug Design Conferences



The conference is organized by Dr. Swietnicki with help of Dr. Laczmanski. Its goal is to get together people working on computational drug design (CADD) with application to protein targets. The area is relatively new in Poland and would benefit greatly from exchange of ideas on how to do it a bit differently than what is typically done using a public domain/custom developed solutions.

The last conference was a great success. Many people were interested in more advanced topics, e.g., free energy perturbation methods, protein-ligand optimization and potentially protein-antibody interface redesigning. We would be happy to have speakers dealing with the subject and the sponsoring company presenting a 2-stage workshop. The first stage would be for beginners and the second one-for advanced users.

Schroedinger workshop

The conference will also include a practical demonstration of  Schroedinger’s computational methods offered to researchers. It will require bringing your own laptop for demonstration.

Date: June-July , 2019

Place: Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Science in Wroclaw (, Wroclaw 53-114, ul. R. Weigla 12. Lectures will be given in the Main Conference Room (Aula) on the 1st floor.


Registration is free and limited to 50 people. Please send your name, affiliation and contact info to:

or use  “Contact” page.

Please state if you want to attend only or be a speaker. In the latter case, please send the title of proposed talk.


Due to personal data protection laws, contact information for registered persons is confidential. If you want it to be made public, please send me an e-mail stating that you give me a permission to post the data on my site. In Poland, it requires  at least a scan of a signed document.



  1. Hotel Novotel (, about 1 km from Weigla Street
  2. Platinum Palace Hotel (, about 1.2 km from Weigla Street
  3. Hotel Podkowa (, about 1 km from Weigla Street
  4. Ibis Budget Wroclaw Poludnie (, about 1.2 km from Weigla Street





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