All work will be done for free for academics. Commercial work is possible but requires setting up a different scheme with a commercial funding designed for a given task.

All services are active. Due to priority on our own work, please consult first using the Contact page before ordering a service.

All work is initiated, supervised and coordinated by Dr. Swietnicki directly. Prior approval is required due to the sensitivity of the work.

Services available for a fee to the academic community:

1. Construction and optimization of the protein model
2. Docking up to 10 small molecules (MW <500 Da)
3. Computational searching of prepared virtual libraries of small molecule compounds
4. Computational search of client’s virtual libraries
5. Systems biology analysis of bacterial genomes to search for potential therapeutic targets
6. Design of in silico metabolic pathways in the host organism
7. Design of de novo metabolic pathways in the body of the host

More complex work is possible but requires a personal e-mail from you. Please use the Contact page to send a request.

Price list for services

To obtain an approved price list for computational services to academic community, please send me an e-mail request. Your name and affiliation will be kept confidential according to the EU rules.

Commercial work

The work is possible provided a commercial license is bought for the services. The scope is exactly the same as for academia but the license cost is about $50K/year, including MD. Systems biology analysis license is about $4K/year and the service cost is about $1K/month. Consultation is free.

Extent of commercial work is limited by the time due to my academic obligations. Please inquire before placing an order.

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